Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. In the case of inclement weather where will my ceremony be held?

Your ceremony will be held in your ballroom. If, however, there is another room available at the time of your ceremony we will move you into a separate room.

Q2. Is décor, such as chair covers included in my price per person?

The Royal Ambassador does not include any sort of décor such as chair covers, backdrops, etc. We offer standard 120” round tablecloths in an ivory or a white damask pattern with the matching napkins. Any other décor that is needed is solely up to the client to outsource.

Q3. Do I get Chivarri chairs?

Chivarri chairs are exclusive to the Greenhouse only. The indoor Ballroom does not have chivarri chairs. Please speak to one of the Sales Consultants to view one of the indoor ballroom chairs. During off season (mid October to the last week of May) chivarri chairs (up to 250) will be available for an additional fee of $5.50 per chair. During our high season months (last week of May to mid October) the chivarri chairs are designated to the Greenhouse only.

Q4. Can I access your sound system, screens and projectors?

Although we have surround sound, lighting, built in screens and projectors, The Royal Ambassador does not contract such equipment. You must contact our in house DJ Digital Entertainment Group for information on using such equipment and/or hiring their services. You can reach them at 905-264-1033.

Q5. Will there be more than one event taking place the day of my wedding?

The Royal Ambassador is designed to host more than one event on any given day. Rest assured each event is fully equipped with their own side of the terrace, staffed separately, and has separate entrances and washroom facilities. Please refer to a Sales Consultant for more information on the floor plan.

Q6. Can my ceremony begin at a later time if I am running late?

All ceremonies must begin on time. Failure to comply with the time listed on your contract will result in overlap of ceremonies.

Q7. Will there be a ceremony before or after my ceremony?

The Royal Ambassador reserves the right to book a ceremony before or after. Each ceremony is allotted 15 minutes before to set up and 15 minutes after to tear down. The Gazebo areas must be clear immediately following your ceremony.

Q8. Is a minister included in the gazebo fee?

The Royal Ambassador does not hire a minister for your event. Your Sales Representative will be able to assist you with a list that will help you choose a minister.

If you would like to use our in house sound equipment at the Gazebo, you must contact our in house DJ Digital Entertainment Group at 905-264-1033. If you have your own entertainment group, please note that there are outlets around the gazebo area.

Q9. Can I have entertainment on the terrace if more than one event is taking place?

You are more than welcome to hire entertainment for the terrace area. Please note that if another ceremony is taking place during the time of your entertainment, you must wait until the ceremony is over to continue playing.

Q10. Where can I take my pictures?

The Royal Ambassador is located on 55 acres. There is ample space to take pictures on premise. Please do not make your way to an area in which another event is taking place. We kindly ask to take turns.

Q11. Can I book ceremony only?

If you are not hosting reception with the Royal Ambassador, you are able to book ceremony only. Please speak to a Sales Consultant for more information on times and pricing.

Q12. Is a wedding planner included in my price?

We do not include a wedding planner. We do recommend that you, the client, hire one. We have two event coordinators who will provide you with information that is required for the Royal Ambassador.

Q13. What is the reason for minimum guarantees?

The minimum guarantee for each room has been designed to provide you with the best possible price based on the room that you book. For example, if you guarantee a minimum of 125 adults and your final numbers are 115 adults, you will be charged for 125 adults. If, however, you guarantee a minimum of 125 adults and your final numbers are 150 adults, you will be charged for 150 adults.